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Support & Advice

Our primary objective is to provide a network of support for anyone who finds their life affected by Poland Syndrome.

What is a PSSG family day?

A Family Day is a day where members of the group meet up at a pre-determined destination and either partake in a day of activities or go for a meal or simply sit down and have a coffee together.

What's involved?

Unfortunately, our Family Days have been put on hold due to low attendances. Due to the rarity of Poland Syndrome, it is uncommon for several sufferers to be located in close proximity. With that said, we are still very much optimistic that our Family Days will once again become a regular event.

If you have any ideas for a Family Day or would like to organise one, please do get in touch as we would be more than happy to help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Our next meet up

When Family Days resume, we will post our upcoming events in this section and on the home page so please keep checking back for updates.

Your donations help us to continue supporting people who are living with Poland Syndrome